Magnetic oceans and electric Earth

The different sources that contribute to the magnetic field measured by Swarm. The coupling currents or field-aligned currents flow along magnetic field lines between the magnetosphere and ionosphere.Credit: ESA/DTU Space Oceans might not be thought of as magnetic, but they … Continue reading

Researchers study vast carbon residue of ocean life

Left: Sampling locations showing the dissolved organic carbon concentration measured at the surface (dots) over Chlorophyll recorded from satellite (background)Right: Dissolved organic carbon calculated (background) compared with the measured dissolved organic carbon (dots) Credit: Image: Cristina Romera-Castillo, Satellite Image: … Continue reading

Resonance in Rainbow Bridge

Oblique view of Rainbow Bridge, Utah.Credit: Jeff Moore Utah’s iconic Rainbow Bridge hums with natural and human-made vibrations, according to a new University of Utah study, published September 21 inGeophysical Research Letters. The study characterizes the different ways the bridge … Continue reading

Antarctic mystery solved?

Sirius Group exposures near Mt. Fleming, Antarctica, circa 1986. The pattern of snow behind rocks shows the prevailing winds across the East Antarctic Ice Sheet.Credit: Reed Scherer, Northern Illinois University   Scientists say ocean fossils found in mountains are cause … Continue reading