In negotiations, two jerks are better than one

Negotiations work best when both sides have matching personality traits—even if they’re both disagreeable—according to new research.Image Credit:Flickr/Georgie Pauwels Negotiations work best when both sides have matching personality traits — even if they’re both disagreeable — according to research from … Continue reading

Older adults make riskier decisions

Older people make riskier choices than younger adults—and worse decisions.Image Credit: Flickr/Steven Worster A study has shown that—contrary to popular belief—older people make riskier decisions than younger adults. Older people’s generally more positive emotions make them more optimistic when gauging … Continue reading

The science behind love

There are several instances in life when being able to change one’s feelings of love might be useful and even beneficial for emotional health and well-being.Image credit: Flickr/Pia Kristine When University of Missouri–St. Louis psychology faculty member Sandra Langeslag tells … Continue reading

Make America tweet again

We know how Donald Trump feels about everyone through Twitter, but how do Twitter users feel about Donald Trump? Computer scientists from the University of Utah’s College of Engineering have developed what they call “sentiment analysis” software that can automatically … Continue reading

Live long and… Facebook?

UC San Diego study links online social interactions to longevity. Image Credit: Flickr/dawolf- Is social media good for you, or bad? Well, it’s complicated. A study of 12 million Facebook users suggests that using Facebook is associated with living longer … Continue reading

When red evokes mischief

The color red is usually associated with inducing compliant behavior with stop signs, warning lights and corrections on a graded assignment. What if this color did just the opposite in certain situations? Results from a new study published online in … Continue reading

The myth of quitting in anger

Credit: University of Cambridge Anger often decreases – rather than boosts – a person’s intention to quit a job when they identify strongly with their company, says a new study. Anger at the workplace is commonly associated with employees storming … Continue reading

Clean kitchens cut calories

Cluttered and chaotic environments can cause stress, which can lead us to grab more of the indulgent snacks — twice as many cookies according to this new study! Credit: Daniel Miller Cluttered and chaotic environments can cause stress, which can … Continue reading

Workaholism tied to psychiatric disorders

A large national Norwegian study shows that workaholism frequently co-occurs with ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and depression. Researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway have examined the associations between workaholism and psychiatric disorders among 16,426 working adults. “Workaholics scored higher … Continue reading